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Why You’re Stuck in “Someday Maybe” and How to Break Free

Who’s in Control? (Understanding the Duality Within)

Have you ever wondered who is truly in control of you? It’s not a simple answer because, believe it or not, there are two versions of you – the soul and the physical self, often referred to as the ego. Each demands different nutrients, and without the right balance, navigating life becomes a daunting task.

The Soul and Ego: A Delicate Balance

In my quest for understanding, I discovered that our soul is somewhat alien to the physical world. Its nutrients aren’t derived from food and worldly pleasures but something deeper, something more profound.

Consequences of Imbalance

A lack of equilibrium between the spiritual and physical realms results in regret and prolonged suffering. It’s a sign that the delicate harmony between the soul and ego is disrupted, leaving us vulnerable to the chaos of our own existence.

The Alien Nature of the Soul

Our spiritual essence, the soul, operates on a different plane. It’s a reminder that our existence extends beyond the materialistic cravings of the ego. But how do we balance these two conflicting forces?

The Ego’s Unending Hunger

Let’s delve into the physical aspect – the ego. It’s a term commonly thrown around, but do we truly understand it? The ego is insatiable, constantly craving more, be it food, drink, smoking, or other vices. The more you feed it, the darker your life becomes.

Nutrients of the Ego

To satisfy the ego, we indulge in cheap, toxic dopamine triggers. From food and drinks to social media consumption and seeking external approvals, our daily existence revolves around injecting external elements into our system.

The Illusion of Permanence

The physical self believes in permanence, conveniently forgetting the only inevitable truth – death. Everything on its list is external, distracting us from the ephemeral nature of life.

Control in the World

The world is designed to control us through various mediums. From the places we go to the things we watch or taste, everything aims to influence and make us consume.

A Simple Practical Guide

Amidst this chaos, there’s a simple yet internationally recognized practice that only a few follow – fasting. Initially a religious practice, it’s now backed by science, highlighting its numerous benefits.

Fasting Benefits

Fasting gradually empowers you to take control of yourself, enhancing energy levels and focus. Reports suggest clearer thinking and improved moods, establishing a robust brain-gut connection for overall happiness.

Switching to Fat for Energy

Fasting induces a shift from glucose to fat for energy utilization, aligning with the ego’s checklist where food sits at the top.

Food as Top Priority

Observing your thoughts after a meal is an experiment worth trying. The ego’s priorities become evident, influencing your day until bedtime. Fasting, whether from food or other stimuli, offers a unique perspective.

Fasting Beyond Food

The “law” of delayed gratification comes into play. It’s a principle emphasizing choosing a bigger reward later over a smaller one now.

The Law of Delayed Gratification

This skill isn’t easy but can be learned and practiced. It’s about waiting for a more significant reward, leading to happier and more successful lives.

Examples of Delayed Gratification

Strategies like finishing a task before indulging in leisure activities or fasting for a favorite meal later showcase the power of delayed gratification. Remember the bigger cookie!

Learning and Practicing

Developing the skill of delayed gratification takes time and effort. It’s a journey towards achieving goals, saving money, and making healthier choices.


In the end, balancing the soul and ego is about achieving happiness and success. Understanding their dynamics and practicing techniques like fasting and delayed gratification empowers you to be in control.


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